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John boy  / Vicki Ramirez (Many roles )  Read >>
John boy  / Vicki Ramirez (Many roles )
Once again - I read over that epistle that I wrote and think how true it really was.  I remembered him so well by reading that through again and was reminded how my windows havent been the same since.  I do miss that boy for more reasons than just my windows though.  I also miss my friend, his mom, who hasn't been the same since.  I am reminded of how much he would hate the pain that she has been continually suffering due to his loss.  I know one thing for certain.  He loved you beyond belief and absolutely would want you to grasp on to his concepts about living!!!  He wants you to dance on and never forget that he wants you to live for him and laugh for him, never forgetting the twinkle but savoring his zest and incorporating it in your steps!!!!  That smirk said it all!!!!! . . . and it always will!! Close
Happy Birthday  / Nancy Taylor (friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Nancy Taylor (friend)
Happy Birthday John!  You are always in my heart.  Close
memories of John  / Maureen (mom)  Read >>
memories of John  / Maureen (mom)

What I miss is my phone calls from John, his visits, his big smile, his laugh, his positive attitude.  John had bad luck a lot, but he would always seem to find the positive in the worst situations.  Memories of you is what I cherish now and it is amazing that during each day something will trigger a memory of left us with so many fun memories that give me strength to get through the days without you....just believing we will be together again someday is what keeps me you forever and ever mom

snowblind / Donnie Olsen (brother)  Read >>
snowblind / Donnie Olsen (brother)

it was a febuary me and jones had gone to the hills i had lost my pass but johnny said funk that  you will go backside and i will pick you up. John went to Keystone, and dropped me off with a sack lunch.  and a cold one.  I got several runs in and at night fall but no sign from John, so I started walking up the hill worried but still no sign.  Then out of no where here comes Johnny in the brown truck blazing around the corner and slams on the brakes and the truck skids coming to a halting stop.  He was so sorry to be late and cracked open a cold one and had a good ride home with no heat or window wipers.  That was Johnny always ready for a good time regardless of what the circumstances were. See you on the mountain.  Love always , Donnie

In memory of you John  / Nicole Keeney (sister)  Read >>
In memory of you John  / Nicole Keeney (sister)
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