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John (Johnny) was born on March 5, 1970 in Denver, Colorado.  John grew up and lived in Colorado his entire life..he did live in Oregon for a short time in the year 1993.  He loved his family and friends and always laughing and joking about something.  John struggled with many medical conditions throughout his life however always looked at the bright side of every situation.  At the age of 21 he started his own window washing business and a few years later he added exterior and interior painting to his business.  John was a perfectionist and had many clients.  John was able to make friends with anyone...he knew and touched people from all walks of life.  He loved Star Wars and was an avid collector of star wars stuff...every time we went into a store he would always go look at the star wars figures.  He also loved music and played the bass.  He also loved camping and snowboarding.  John's last snowboarding trip was to Copper Mountain with his brother Jeremy, nephew Anthony and best friend Donnie.  His spirit will always live on in the Rocky Mountains.

He loved his son Sheridan, and Kim(his girlfriend and Sheridan's mom )and her children, Sloan, Missy, Savanhah and Dustin.  Although they did not live with John, he used to talk a lot about wanting to take care of them and having a family.  When I would say you have a family (me and his brothers and sisters) John would respond " No Mom, I want my  "own family to take care of and love".

He was truly an amazing person and I am honored that he was my son and to have been his mother.   Until we meet again, I will hold my memories close to my heart.

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